You Dont Look Sick

You Dont Look Sick

Woman With Crohns Strikes Back At People Saying You Dont Look Sick.

We all have a separate side we show to the world that may look very different than what we are feeling on the inside.

Everyone is fighting their own invisible battles, and to assume that everyone’s photos, makeup, and personality reflect what their entire life is like would be wrong.

The Internet has made it possible for people to peer into each other’s lives through photos and statuses, but, usually, that is just a sliver of their complicated, multifaceted world.

Unfortunately, some people who saw the online life of Mary Horsley — a blogger, veteran, and person living with Crohn’s disease — thought that she didn’t fit their idea of someone living with an illness, and chided her for “not looking sick.”

In response to the comments, Horsley decided to create an online post to talk about what it is like living with an invisible disease like Crohn’s.

Her words are an important reminder for us to respect those who are battling illnesses, like this girl living with type 1 diabetes, as well as people with depression or other disorders that are unseen from an outside perspective.

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