50 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis by Hank Green Video LP

  1. My grandma had cancer and they basically did the thing described in “take the whole thing out/ (…) install a little spout”.

    It’s probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It looks exactly like an asshole on the side of your belly.

    The worse part is that she would produce the same noises one would hear when having diarrhea and taking a shit, all the time.

    It’s hard to have a conversation when her belly-asshole keeps farting and squeaking.

  2. I just kind of realized that this was made a really long time ago…. sooo…. my post may be irrelevant.

  3. Honestly, Having an Ostomy REALLY isn’t that bad. At first it may seem really bad, but now that I look back, I would much rather have slightly watery poops and an ostomy than violent bloody painful poops that never stop. Also you can get a J-Pouch, that’s what I have and I actually am getting my Ostomy taken down on Tuesday!!!

  4. I have Crohn’s and I go to a summer camp for crohn’s and UC!! It’s so great to know that someone like you who has created and helped out with such amazing things has this. I completely know how you feel, I’ve had this dice I was 11 and it’s great to have another role model for this:)

  5. Only in Nerdfighteria would you have a polka song about Ulcerative Colitis and it is completely normal.

  6. I don’t have ulcerative colitis, but I have chronic constipation. Whenever I feel sad/are in pain because of that, this song just helps. Thank you, Hank. This is awesome is so many strange ways.

  7. so no ulcerative colitis here, but a whole lot of IBS and glaucoma at 22. so for the last 5 years until I got married and my husbands insurance company had no choice anymore (November 2011) I was on the same damn boat.

  8. Of all the songs, why does THIS one have ads from ask.com about “the secret to being a great kisser”???????
    BTW, the secret is chill out and don’t worry.

  9. More screwed up than a 50 year old Fred subscriber. That wins the “best lyric of the day” award.

  10. Kudos, for doing this and being able to laugh at the truth. So many people joke about this and IBS, but have no idea what it is like unless u been through it. I haven’t found anything more painful than feeling like you have nails coming out of hour ass. I thought it would be funny writing a book, entitled Pain in the Ass. The stupid doctors never know crap.

  11. I’m Irish and a full time student, so not only do I get free healthcare, so my meds are all free, I’m now also entitled to disability benefits because of my ulcerative colitis.. however i’d rather not have to take pentasa 3 times daily and a f*** load of ‘roids :/

  12. when this song first came out i didn’t understand it(i’m 16 and have never had any serious medical problems). i didn’t know what ulcerative colitis is or anything. but then i was diagnosed with crohn’s disease in july, had surgery three weeks ago to remove part of my small bowel, part of my colon, and the valve connecting the two, and on monday i go to see my gastroenterologist to discuss which dangerous shots i get to take first to try and treat it.

  13. This makes this terrible disease sound a lot less menacing.. I should send this to my dad, who also has it. Thank you for this humorous song, Hank.

  14. I’m Canadian. And I’ll let you know when I get to the top of the waiting list to even see a specialist in the first place, let alone get any bad news.

  15. I just realized that my previous comment, albeit a question, ended with a period. I can assure you this was a typo. My sincerest apologies to the Nerdfighter community.


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