App launched to help irritable bowel syndrome

App launched to help irritable bowel syndrome, GRADUATES have helped develop a digital program to allow sufferers of a debilitating condition use their minds to cope with its symptoms.

The team from Edinburgh Napier University has worked with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) sufferer Valerie Walker to develop the mobile phone app.

The app uses a technique called neuro linguistic programming (NLP) to allow patients to feel more in control of their condition.

IBS is a range of bowel-related symptoms, such as pain and bloating, with no obvious cause but which can stop sufferers living life to the full.

After years suffering IBS and trying a range of treatments, Ms Walker discovered NLP and decided to train in the technique.

NLP is about recognising that we often have a lot of negative thought patterns and beliefs, Ms Walker, below, said. It is about helping uncover these and changing any negative beliefs into more positive ones.

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ADAPT Study Revolutionize Treatment in Colorectal Cancer

ADAPT Study Revolutionize Treatment in Colorectal Cancer

ADAPT Study Revolutionize Treatment in Colorectal Cancer, In this Patient Power program filmed on-site at ASCO 2014, Dr. Edward Lin discusses why a combination of what some might call an unlikely pair of drugs that with precise timing can prove effective in waking up sleeping cancer stem cells—giving treatment a better shot at fighting colorectal cancer. Dr. Edward Lin, a medical oncologist at SCCA, an associate professor at the University of Washington, and an associate member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is leading the ADAPT trial and explains what he is hopeful for and how this may change the way we look at the disease.

Learn what’s next for this study and how a patient’s genetic profile could reveal whether the treatment may work for them.


Crohn’s Cure vs Remission Thoughts

Crohn’s Cure vs Remission Thoughts, I hate the word cure, and for good reason. People throw that word around willy-nilly when discussing all sorts of illnesses, especially inflammatory bowel diseases. People have claimed that they were cured of these medically incurable diseases through homeopathic methods, diet modification, and, in my favorite case, using their mind. These outlandish claims are not only wrong but facilitate the dissemination of misinformation that overpowers the discussion of chronic, incurable diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines cure as something such as a drug or medical treatment that stops a disease and makes someone healthy again or the act of making someone healthy again after an illness.

If you take this definition word for word, then technically anything that can be treated by medication or surgery can be cured that would mean that HIV and AIDS, lupus, asthma, cancer and inflammatory bowel disease, among many other incurable diseases, could all be cured. However, that is not the case.

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