No More Ulcerative Colitis

This is the first video I’m making after my surgery. I’m still in recovery mode, but I feel well enough where I knew I had to update all of you on my status. Thank you for understanding that this is not the easiest of times, and for all of the support you’ve given me. I am officially Ulcerative Colitis free, and it feels great even just to say that. I’m still in a difficult transitional period, so I appreciate your patience and understanding during these few weeks. Not much should be affected since the videos for March were made before the surgery. I simply wanted to let you know how I’m doing, and to personally thank you.

Hope you’re having a great week, and that it continues to be, love you Little Ks!!!


  1. KKortez3

    Yeah, that was pretty much the only medicine that worked for me. I was always on it whenever they were introducing me to a new medication, and whenever I was taken out of one. But unfortunately it has too many side effects if you stay with it for a long time. It’s good for a little while, but it can’t be taken as a permanent medication.

  2. KKortez3

    I have one more surgery and it should be the last. But I know that this will all lead to a better life, this year has been incredible, and this is all part of it. Thanks for all the support on my different channels :^D

  3. KKortez3

    I personally know that without God, my life would be nowhere near where it is right now. I’d probably be hating my life, working at some horrible job, or studying something I don’t like. God has given me the strength, and confidence to overcome my hardships, and follow my dreams.

  4. Rick Morante

    Aww :( I wish you well in your recovery and I hope in the end of this transition it’s worth it. That you have none or minimum difficulties. For some reason I though I was subscribed to this channel, turns out I wasn’t so I didn’t know you went into surgery. I hope thats the last surgery you have to take. I really wish you well man.

  5. howlingserenity

    ive known someone that had one of these, i think theres different adhesive/bandages that they have out but im not sure, or try a different strap for it

  6. helloiamme08

    Kortez, if you can make it through it is because you made it through YOURSELF. I kindly decline the God Bless because I do not believe, but if it helps you make it through Ill be happy for ya.

  7. MinaBassilious

    I’m glad your surgery went well. Please, please continue to get better. I feel sympathy for you bro. God be with you.

  8. KKortez3

    This is the sort of support that makes me fight harder. I’ll take my time, but when I do start again, I’ll work much harder. Thank you!

  9. KKortez3

    I always do. I could not stay strong and positive if I didn’t have him to lean on. This is his way of taking me to a different level, and I’ve embraced it. Thank you for the prayers, they mean a lot!

  10. KKortez3

    Don’t be sad, this may be a tough road, but it’s a road to a wonderful destination. Be happy with me :^D And thank you so much for subscribing and liking! It means a lot!

  11. KKortez3

    Thanks for the prayers and motivation, they both help a ton. Las palabras de aliento de verdad son de mucha ayuda en estos momentos :^D

  12. KKortez3

    I finally got the bag to work today!!! :^D Hopefully it stays on for a long time. Thanks for the suggestions, although I think it wouldn’t do much to fix the problem I was having, I just wasn’t sticking. Your solution would help to give it more support, but it wouldn’t make it stick, and it would leak. Still I really appreciate your help, and the motivation as well.

  13. KKortez3

    To a degree the surgeon says that I can never have a regular bowel movement as a ‘normal’ person. But I will definitely be much better, MUCH better than how I was with Ulcerative Colitis, and also a lot better than having this uncomfortable bag stuck on me. I’m quite excited about it. I should feel better than I’ve felt in years!

  14. KKortez3

    Yes, keep me in your prayers! That means a lot, and thank you for all those kind words, they come in the perfect moment, keeps me fighting even harder :^)

  15. KKortez3

    I was just having the itch to make a new video. Going from making almost one new video every day to no videos is a bit hard, but I know I have to rest. Plus I like to keep you all updated. Thanks for the support.

  16. KKortez3

    Thanks, the support and motivation have helped me a lot through this, so it’s actually a pleasure to keep everyone updated. Every time I do, most people are very positive, and quite loving. I’m definitely taking my rest seriously, maybe a bit too seriously, hehe :^P
    Saludos! Muchas gracias por tus palabras de aliento.

  17. KKortez3

    Yeah, it sucks…I finally got one to stick well today, I was pretty excited about it, now I’m just hoping it stays on long enough. Thanks!

  18. KKortez3

    Oh, I’m sad to hear that, it’s not something I wish on anyone, but at least he doesn’t have to anymore…those experiences make you stronger as a parent, and your son for sure. Gracias por la motivacion!

  19. KKortez3

    Hehe, and I’m not even vulnerable to Kryptonite so imagine the possibilities :^P Thanks! The support keeps me fighting even more to get better. It makes a huge difference <3

    And yes, I wasn't much of a water drinker, but I've had to drink tons of water and Gatorade...I prefer the Gatorade personally ;^) Thanks for the tip.

  20. KKortez3

    Thanks for that, makes me feel more important :^D Also thanks for those great vibes, I know this is just a period of time I’ll look back just to see how much I grew from it.

  21. strappingone

    Mijo I wish you the very best.During these and all difficult times look up to the Lord and hang on..My prayers are with you Onward and forward

  22. killzone

    Keep it up bro!! My prayers go to your fast recupe!! Estamos contgo parce y resamos a dios por tu pronta recuperation!!

  23. HomieG75

    Glad to see you’re doing well. If I were you, I’d try rapping my entire torso with something, like a belt, or perhaps an ACE Bandage belted around my waste. Maybe use 2 of them, one on top and one on the bottom of the bag so that it can still expand, but it will stay flush to your body. I don’t know, I’ve never had to poop through a bag and hopefully I never will. Just trying to throw out ideas.

  24. MommyClubber

    Are you going to have to deal with this for the rest of your life? Or will this hopefully fix your problem? Glad you are feeling better.

  25. rdt999

    I am so happy to see you! You are so inspirational. You have a beautiful attitude. I know it will all work out for you. Most of the battle in any major surgery is attitude and the will to fight. You show that. I will keep all my prayers with you as you recover completely.

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