How to Stop IBS, Crohn’s and Ulcerative Collitis and are her to show natural ways to resolve these horrible conditions.


  1. Sean Foley

    Dr. Bergman, thank you so much for this video! I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about a year ago, and achieving remission has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. It wasn’t until recently where I have taken full charge of my diet, and I strongly believe in your natural healing concepts. I especially enjoyed how you pointed out the ignorance of today’s doctors. So true! There needs to be more people like you so that we become a healthy nation. Thank you so much for this video!

  2. Tim Moore

    Love the work you’re doing… I believe in it 100% A lot of conventional ‘medicine’ is nothing more than legalized drug pushing… Don’t be fooled.. they know exactly what they’re doing. Keep on keeping on my friend!

  3. VonLeachim

    in this bowel it was non detection of c-diff resulting in bomb like devastation -prior to this the bowel was a digesting wizard. rebuilding takes sooo much effort. worth it tho .
    thank U for all your efforts uploading vids /sharing info ; helped much over the years, if your ever in UK look me up.

  4. jenn wyatt

    i talked to my dad tonite, & hw just got out of the hospital, i guess he went to the emergency room.I’m not sure what happened exactly, but he said they rehydrated him & hes back on entecort? rrrrg! i xplained to him that will not do anything but harm him. he is supposed to call you tomorrow to make an appointment. his name is Dirk, & he lives in illinois. im gonna make sure he calls you. thanks!

  5. John Bergman

    I have worked with hundreds of patients with bowel issues and the solution as always been get the nervous system working, eliminate toxic products, veggie juice, and make the patient aware that they will heal and health is thier natural state, I never heard of lefenuron

  6. John Bergman

    your right I also should have explained that the roundup destroys the soil and makes the plants not just toxic but nutrient deficient,I will get it better next time 

  7. John Bergman

    Hi Jenn, the adjustments use only 4lbs of pressure and one of the best schools in the country is in San Fransisco “Life West” I know the college president he is amazing

  8. jenn wyatt

    im looking into fungus, & on a max Igan show, he had a guy on there who recommended taking Lefenuron, but its $80 or so, so i wanted to know if you ve heard anything about it? it supposedly is the only thing that breaks down the chitin barrier so that once you quit eating sugar which feeds fungus, then the fungus will disapate? and that fungus is from sugar, heavy metals inhalation, (chemtrails) goddess gaia what have they done to us?

  9. jenn wyatt

    his vids on autoimmune are excellent . im so glad you did one on lymes & mycoplasma. i am just now watching it. ive been learning a ton about mycoplasma. its an endless rabbit hole basically. i have yet to find what to do to reverse THAT however. lots of ppl are suffering. the govt sprayed us with it in school vents & more during cold war from what im finding! astonishing what theyve done to us. Dr. Tent has a yt vid, showing how all pathogens were weaponized by the US. Govt & CDC incl. cancer

  10. jenn wyatt

    Dr. Bergman is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much! btw- ive sent my parents your vids, my dads health is clearing up, hes off all his meds, hes supposed to call you to set up an appointment, but idk if he has yet. he got a juicer, is feeling better, & now therye sending your vids to their friends & family as well. you are teaching me so much! do you have any recommendations where i could go to school for this or learn to heal ppl like this except for adjustments? -i think that seems difficult

  11. John Bergman

    Hi Shaun I will be posting them on my new site called owners-guide (dot) com
    it will be a couple of weeks

  12. gaz nann

    ROCK ON DOC thank you its good that youre going to Belgium and goin on radio shows i am realy pleased for are a PERFECT role model to human race,you are my perfect role model honestly,the medical system better watch out because DR BERGMAN IS ABOUT,

  13. shaun campbell

    is there anyway to get that list of foods to eat and foods not to eat on the handout you gave out? thank you so much for the information and your time you give for these videos!!!

  14. Debbie Doud

    Thanks for all of your videos. I look forward to whats coming next.
    Is it possible to buy fresh corn that is not GMO? If so, where can you buy it?

  15. kdavisf

    I know it is hard to believe but all diseases are self induced (because we don’t have diseases we create cellular malfunctions). The body works by what you put in it from your thoughts and your foods. It’s time for Americans to wake up and bury disease thinking and move from disease care to conscious self health care. We love you Dr. Bergman keep up the enlightenment people are feeling more secure in emancipating from medical mental slavery. Dr. K website 4celllife

  16. kalkeikuu

    Thank You for doing a video on this topic. I suffered from severe GI issues for over 2 yrs. since giving birth. Been pumped on so much meds n antibiotics while in the hospital. When I got out, my digestion was so messed up that I now have chronic gastritis and ulcers. Feels like food just sits in tummy for too long. I suspect candida & SIBO, along with a clogged liver gallbladder since I have bad food intolerance leaky gut.

  17. John Bergman

    You are right the crazy thing about clostridium difficile is that most cases are caused by antibiotic use and if you have normal flora you have protection even from that nasty bug

  18. VonLeachim

    have to state not all crohn’s / colitis = self induced .for instance take clostridium difficile infection et al
    [now to watch the vid]

  19. Justin

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    I found it on 14 spot, you have to spread your articles to social sites , it will help you to get more visitors.

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