Colon Cancer

Colon cancer usually begins as a non-cancerous growth. If caught early enough, it can be safely removed with little to no complications. This video was gotte…

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  1. alvin santos

    “Hi, I’m alvin, and I provide people with powerful information that has been shown to
    dramatically reduce the chances of developing colon cancer. If you are suffering from colon cancer,
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  2. kalkeikuu

    Detox with fruits n veggies that are RAW is the only chance of beating this besides radiation with small survival rates.

  3. procommenter

    ===✈ Cancer is a disease, a chronic metabolic disease akin to other chronic metabolic diseases such as scurvy, night blindness, pellagra & pernicious anemia. No such disease has ever been cured through mechanical manipulation of the body. Where cancer is seated isn’t relevant to its cure. The preventative, cure & treatment of this vitamin-deficiency disease is Amygdalin (vitamin B17). People who get at least 100 m.g. of B17 daily cannot contract cancer

  4. RocknRollParadiase

    what’s with all the hate in the comments? someone I know just died of cancer, I’m only 16 and she’s only in her early 20s.

  5. LucySISEL

    Cancer is really scary! Check this out and dont let cancer to get you or your family

  6. greigjackai

    I had ulcerative colitis and started eating a vegetarian diet with lots of green juice and fruits and it vanished in 2 days after a 3 month flare up. I had it for 18 years and now it has gone with no medication. The medication was only a temporary mask for the real problem.

  7. wackymontederamos

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  8. daleyboy50

    Raising your pH to 8 (High PH) kills all cancer cells dead in weeks. Look it up folks. It’s that simple. See cancertutor site for ALL unbiased alternative cancer treatments.

  9. CureDrive

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  10. Adamus70

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  11. fight2legalize

    I hope all of you people visit my page and check it out really well. There is a cure for cancer, it’s out there. There are many! One big tell is the fact that everyone that has cancer has an acidic body. I had a baby girl pass away from brain cancer. I feel it could cured using a different approach. They’re treating us like lab rats. My goal is to help in the decriminalization of Cannabis. I’m not saying it’s the cure for everything, but evidence suggest it can cure many forms of cancer.

  12. Dave Dietz

    Please help support a cure, go here:
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    Note: Best thing to help cure cancer is to legalize cannabis (marijuana)

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  13. Catherine8raw

    I belive in Dave the raw food truck driver! Watch him on you tube – he removed all his bowel cancer via diet! And what a diet it was……. no more type 2 diabetes etc.

  14. Valerian1

    The cure for cancer has been known and suppressed for decades. The Cure for Cancer is NOT consuming the poisons that CAUSE cancer, and, instead, consuming a tremendous amount of freshly juiced raw organic fruits and vegetables. watch?v=E0CzvhPU5q4 Google Dr. Richard Schulze

  15. Saharra Quasar

    You will also have blood in your stool if you have hemoroids. These are veins inside the colon wall that are broke and bleed usualy from costipation…there is medication to stop it …plus a change in diet.

  16. ling ding

    Oh, , i thought so!For a minute i thought you meant like the other knock-out.And no, i live in Panama city. it’s not very far from Gainesville

  17. yankeegurl62

    robomaniac8—I ment they give you meds to put you to sleep….that way you don’t feel anything…Are you in Gainesville?

  18. ling ding

    uhh, what do you mean by knock- out?And if your talking about what i think so than okay. Because i live iin florida and really close to one of America’s top 50 hospitals.

  19. grove005

    I had one of these symptoms too….. Which is the blood on the stool….. It happened for like 3 days in a row whenever i go to do my thing…. but then it disappeared after 4 days…… do you think i’m fine?

  20. malmsteen2002

    when you reach 30 its better to do a colonscopy at least once a year. actually colon cancer has no symptoms during the early ages. Blood in the stool and aches are late symptoms. So better get your colon check it out. Colonscopy hurts just a bit. and feels weierd. i did mine and just a mild discomfort during the procedure. (tho i did freak out when i feel it moving in my intestine)

  21. One1ManArmy

    Sorry to hear about your story. Nice to see someone giving good advice :-) All the best with your prognosis.

  22. RedSox10cf

    if you ever have these symptoms go to your dr. i myself had every single symptom and went and found out the worse.. if you have these symptoms please dont wait to see your doctor.

  23. Shackletononice

    You are wrong, I try to have a healthy lifestyle….and I simply do not need to believe in God, Zeus, Jupiter, Thor, Allah, or Queztcoal for that.

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