Can you have both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Can you have both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis? Can they turn from one disease into the other? Watch my video to find out! Also learn about differences between Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, what Indeterminate Colitis is, what Crohn’s Colitis is, and more!

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  1. ssingletonrn

    Isn’t it awesome when people ask questions then start the “one up” game? I usually ask them LOTS of questions- like what meds are you on, which tests have you had, etc. It gives a lot of insight into what they’re thinking.

  2. Tracey Pothier

    Thx sweetie you have taught me as well .. my doc has told me I have both maybe this is why you messaged me to get a GI… hmmm love you

  3. babygirl6684

    Thanks you answered a lot of questions that I had. I got diagnosed in September with Ulcerative Colitis after having a colonoscopy. The appointment after that he told me I had Crohn’s and he went back and forth for months every time I saw him. Till finally my mom was so confused that she came with me and she asked he said to her that it’s not a big deal which one I had. Then he proceeded to tell me that there was no reason for me to see him again unless it’s important. Looking for a new doctor.

  4. Sara Ringer

    No, I do not have both diseases. I have Crohn’s disease. You cannot have both diseases. I have a j-pouch right now and do not have my ostomy anymore. Good luck with your surgery. Everyone recovers differently. Walk a lot if you can after surgery to speed up healing. Take it easy and chew your food lots! <3

  5. Yodalis Perez

    you have both uc and chrons? do you currently have both the j pouch and ileostomy?? what was the first week of the jpouch surgery? im having my jpouch surgery next week and im extremely nervous but excited because if all heals well i will be back to “normal” 2-3 months after next week they are going to reverse my ileostomy. :) anything you think i must know?

  6. Sara Ringer

    My colon was diseased. I was losing so much blood and if left in much longer it would have perforated. It had to come out. It was just the Crohn’s causing it and not UC causing it. No matter which disease I was diagnosed with my colon had to come out.

  7. styxiv1

    The theme I’m seeing isn’t really someone having both Or it turning into Crohns as I’ve been told the same that you CANNOT have both. Is that someone had UC got the Jpouch surgery and year later re-diagnosed with Crohns. While not prefect there can’t be that many Dr.’s being so wrong ESPECAILLY in many case people had UC for ten plus years and now have Crohns? I’m wondering if once the UC is gone the immune trouble we had simply finds a new target for the lack of a better word.

  8. Jose zabo

    It won’t be that bad. ;) I just got mine dones 4 weeks ago! The worst part is the hospital sat, walking around to recover fast after surgery, getting to know your ostomy, and your hospital roommate lol! You will still have stools coming out your rectum if your planning on getting your j pouch!!

  9. Sara Ringer

    I wouldn’t say this is about wrong or right. I could be wrong but from what I know I’ve been told what I said in the video. My point is to encoiurage everyone to research things themselves from credible sources. All the best!

  10. sgraack2

    ok. think i must have been mistaken. its been a long time since ive talked about it with my doc. after a little research its obvious im wrong and you’re right.

  11. deathcatthomass

    How are the methotrexate shots going,,,,is the hangover getting less with time…i start mine in about 10 days. Nervous

  12. Sara Ringer

    I’ve spoken to world renown GI doctors on panels. My surgeon studied at the Cleveland Clinic and I have an amazing GI doctor currently. Each one has told me that UC can’t turn into Crohn’s. But certain gene’s overlap between the two diseases which make them very very similar and hard to distinguish between at times. Also just heard from another CCFA worker who has Crohn’s who listened to a doctor speak about how you can’t have both. from what I have researched and been told they can’t change

  13. sgraack2

    (stephen hanauer at university of chicago). i guess i never really thought about this too much. it is kinda weird that you never had symptoms of crohns before your surgery, and ive heard of people with more than 1 auto immune disease, so maybe some people have both, but the uc just shows first!!!! mind = blown. =)

  14. sgraack2

    so i had uc and got a jpouch, and then had inflammation in my upper digestive tract. after biopsies they found that i am like the 53rd reported case in the world to have this type of inflammation. (pretty much like winning the lottery), but i was under the impression that uc could turn into crohns and there had been studies done because things like smoking increased the chances of this happening. i havent really looked into it personally, but my doctor is one of the top in the world.

  15. Carolyne B

    Well done and said Sara! If only the doctors could and would be as succinct and clear as you in your ability to differentiate between these diseases it would clear the air of confusion for so many people! It’s not as if once diagnosed you don’t have enough to deal with! As usual Sara ANOTHER well researched informative video! This is one of many reasons why you are so respected and loved by many! xx

  16. erik pirro

    Thank you for thes I have had ulcerative colitis for 4 years and will need surgery you eased my anxiety with your videos, also in regard to your remicade treatments have you tried Remistart they help with your remicade check out their website just search remistart I got approved but after my 1st treatment and my insurance picked up my last. I belive they credit you back on a program card like a prepaid visa up to a certain amount

  17. Sara Ringer

    In my video I discussed that. My doctor and a few others I have asked said that it isn’t possible for one to change into the other. UC and Crohn’s disease are two different diseases even though very similar. To me that would be like saying Lupus can turn into rheumatoid arthritis.

  18. Sara Ringer

    They had to take a large part out, it wasn’t an option. It was about to perforate and completely falling apart it was so diseased.

  19. Khalid Tawabini

    The problem now is that they took a big part out of your digestive track thinking that this will cure your “ulcerative colitis”. This might be a problem later on because you are trying to keep as much as you can of your digestive track.

  20. Fraser Stevenson

    One of my doctors said that Uc can turn into crohns, do you know if this is correct ? Thank you for your videos they really help :) x

  21. SickGirlDiaries

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!! :) I agree that doctors are still learning, and are far from knowing all there is to know about IBD at this point in time. And I also think that there’s a very real chance that there will be more types of IBD that are discovered and diagnosed as doctors learn more about these diseases.

  22. SickGirlDiaries

    And I agree that it was probably just some kind of genetic overlap thing with my test results showing antibodies and markers for both types of IBD, when I clearly have Crohn’s with the inflammation in my small intestine and stomach and all – plus my diagnosis of Crohn’s has been confirmed by various doctors over and over again. But I do kinda wonder if in RARE cases it’s possible for someone to have 2 types of IBD, just like in rare cases people are diagnosed with 2 similar types of cancer, etc.

  23. SassySomething

    My question to you is, Your pain and symptoms now are they the same as they were before the pouch? Mine are different before my J-pouch I never had more then 30 mins go by without those horrifying cramps and other issues. With this pouch its not as frequent and a little bit different but my pain is still in the same area! After surgery I was fine for about a month then my bowels changed and everything has gone down hill since! Test after test and the guessing game!

  24. SassySomething

    Sorry they are trying to confirm crohn’s not that they have lol. They don’t want to believe its crohn’s because of how for sure they were on colitis but even my surgeon 4 years ago said I had a few ulcers in my small intestine. Its been a roller coaster ride! I just found out my pelvic muscles aren’t functioning after some NOT fun tests lol. His plan of attack is to eliminate all that they can & keep searching from there I am waiting back on my blood results for crohn’s through prometheus.

  25. roisinshea

    the blood work looked weird So i was being treated for whichever inflammation i had at that time. finally they decided on severe crohns because of steady blood work markers and the extraintestinal symptoms. doesn’t matter much i haven’t responded to any meds. ah funness.

  26. roisinshea

    I was diagnosed with undiff. Colitis. my Dr s way of saying he didn’t know which i had. could be both or just crohns. thanks doc.

  27. Jerome Grande

    I just wanted to post something else, they have new blood labs that can I SAID CAN sugest what we all have. I believe the test is like and IBD marker test. As I am the example here the blood test came back UC but as we know if its in the small intestines its not UC so please , Like Sara said educate yourselves and research. I am a Natural Health Practitioner and it took many years to understand all this. I wish You all well, I’m also a Minister so I will be praying for you all.

  28. Jerome Grande

    Well, Sara this was a great video , I am a perfect example of what you are talking about. for 13 years they thought I had colitis because it was local in my Colon, there was never any signs in my small intestines. Now 13 years later it reared its ugly head in my small intestines, so was it mis-diagnosed ? well, not really when its just in the colon & is not any where else & not patchy then actually it would be colitis. But now being in my colon & in my Duodenum it is now diagnosed as Crohns

  29. Sara Ringer

    It doesn’t mean that you have/had both though. You probably have had Crohn’s the whole time but they just didn’t catch it. The tested me for years and told me I had UC but they were wrong. I went to a new hospital with new doctors where it was confirmed that I actually had Crohn’s all along. Perhaps they thought you had indeterminate colitis? Hopefully the new doctors you have will give you some better answers. Sometimes IBD is tricky. Have they confirmed for sure you have Crohn’s?

  30. Sara Ringer

    If it is confirmed that you have UC then you won’t have to worry about Crohn’s disease. In a true case of UC once the colon is removed it will be gone. I was misdiagnosed. My symptoms developed immediately after surgery. However if you have Crohn’s Colitis there is a possibility of the Crohn’s getting worse and moving further up the digestive tract.

  31. Sara Ringer

    I think even doctors are still learning more and more about IBD. Maybe one day more types will have names. In the past my blood work always looked like UC but it turned out I had Crohn’s. I think that IBD is just a very complicated thing and not always black and white. But I don’t see how you can have both. I learned once that a lot of genes overlap between UC and CD so it can be hard to tell between the two. Perhaps it’s a genetic thing with us that was showing UC stuff?

  32. Sara Ringer

    I don’t think doctors realize that they have to do a better job explaining things to us. I had to do a lot of research on my own over the years and then talk to many doctors. I am glad that I helped explain some things better for you. :)

  33. Sara Ringer

    Aaron we are the exact same! It would have bothered me too. Colitis and ulcerative colitis are two different things. We can’t help that we are so smart. ;p

  34. FramedInflamedColon

    Wow I was told I had both by two Doctors and that I only had Crohn’s so this left me very confused. And after they took my colon out he said Crohn’s. Thanks for helping explain sad part is you did that better then my Doctors

  35. SickGirlDiaries

    So I was just wondering if you have any thoughts on any of this? Sorry this was so long! And again, really great video!! Your videos are always awesome, and I’m sure that this will help clear things up for a lot of people!! :) Thanks so much for posting!! <3

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